Patient Testimonials

  • “This was the best root canal I ever had (pain free).  Thank you.  Would highly recommend.”       Susan P.
  • “Everyone in the office was very friendly and professional.  If I ever need an endodontic specialist again, I will definitely return.”                                                                                     Roger S.
  • “Amazing!  I was at the appointment for just over an hour and pain free on day two.  I’m not sure why root canals have such a terrible reputation.  Everyone in the office was helpful, friendly and professional.  Thank you!”                                                                                                                Brian D.
  • “Doctor was awesome.  I didn’t have any pain and even started to fall asleep once…during a root canal!!”                                                                                                                  Marcus J.
  • “Excellent care including more than ample time consulting on next steps.  Doctor was professional, skilled and I will recommend him to all friends/ family.”                                                               Maria F.